DJI Introduces New Geofencing System

Geospatial Environment Online (GEO) will provide DJI drone users with up-to-date guidance on locations where flight may be restricted by regulation or raise safety concerns. For the first time, drone operators will have, at the time of flight, access to live information on temporary flight restrictions due to forest fires, major stadium events, VIP travel, and other changing circumstances. The GEO system will also include for the first time restrictions around locations such as prisons, power plants and other sensitive areas where drone operations raise non-aviation security concerns.

Brisk Business For UAV Wind Turbine Inspection

In recent years, wind farm installations around the world have taken off in a big way. Besides being a clean, renewable alternative to burning fossil fuels, wind power is even able to meet all the of the energy demands in some countries. Denmark, for instance, generates 140% of its domestic electricity demand from wind power and exports the surplus to neighboring countries.

DJI announces $15,000 agricultural drone designed to spray crops

DJI is known for its consumer drones; the Phantom 3 series is our recommendation for the best drone you can buy. But the Chinese company’s latest model, the eight-rotor Agras MG-1, goes in another direction entirely — it’s designed for agricultural use. The primary use of the Agras is spraying crops, with the ability to cover between seven and ten acres an hour and a tank that holds 10 liters (about 2.6 gallons) of liquid.